Andrenna D’Souza is the founder of Studio Aurora, a leading lighting design consultancy based in the UAE.

Working in the lighting industry for over 15 years across a range of inspirational projects, Andrenna is passionate about sharing her knowledge of light and design.

Studio Aurora itself is a reflection of Andrenna’s own character and her passion for light. Her approach is derived from a comprehensive understanding of design and a belief that there is always a solution to any challenge.

I’m very passionate about design, the whole design process and encouraging creative freedom in our studio. It’s that creative freedom that inspires unique and dynamic environments that are memorable.

Andrenna D’Souza

Founder of Studio Aurora


We hold ourselves true to 3 core values at Studio Aurora.


Applying all our creative energy to every aspect of design.


Continuing to learn and develop our skills to be at the leading edge of lighting design.


Driven to inspire our clients and key stakeholders to create truly memorable experiences.

With a carefully curated team, Studio Aurora attracts the best global talent, no matter where they come from.

Our focus is on building a diverse team and welcoming people from all countries and cultures. Their passion and commitment are always refreshing, and we embrace the diversity of views they bring to a project.

We actively encourage and develop creative freedom. By embracing this, we find innovation in design really thrives.

We encourage the sharing of creative ideas and skills in a collaborative way. This collaboration enables us to explore refined options and approaches, always with the best project outcome front of mind.  

Continuous learning is also a priority for us, and we provide those opportunities to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of lighting design.


We are always looking for exceptional talent in the lighting design industry.

In a welcoming and friendly working environment, you will have opportunities to develop and excel, in a team that embraces collaboration and creative freedom.

Please share your CV and a covering letter for consideration.