Our Lighting Philosophy

Every project carries a design narrative. Across opulent hospitality, luxury residential or commercial, your project will have a story.

Our philosophy in lighting focuses on using light to narrate that story, to evoke emotions and create unique experiences that only light can achieve.

Sensory Symphonies

A ‘Symphony of Music’ is composed with musical elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics. When combined, they create a musical composition that tells a story and evokes emotions.

It’s experienced by the audience through their sense of hearing, brought together by the conductor.

At Studio Aurora, we design ‘Symphonies of Light’, a philosophy of creative expression.

These symphonies of light are design compositions that use various lighting techniques, layers of colour, brightness, shadow and movement.

As lighting designers, we combine these elements to create immersive and memorable environments that tell the project story for your intended audience.

These are experienced through their sense of sight and elicit emotions that align with the story in that space.


While our philosophy is built on foundations of creative freedom, we ensure we have a deep understanding of your project and its story from the outset. In particular, with regard to technical feasibility and commercial sensitivity.

With a solution-focused approach, we are mindful of proposing what is technically feasible, respects the commercial element and delivers a world-class lighting scheme.

We apply a highly detailed approach at all design stages, from concept, through schematic to design and site visits.

By adopting a position of collaborative guidance throughout the project, working with all project stakeholders, together we are able to realise our collective vision.

A vision that respects the story of your project, creating a truly memorable experience for your audience.

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I’m very passionate about design, the whole design process and encouraging creative freedom in our studio. It’s that creative freedom that inspires unique and dynamic environments that are memorable.

Andrenna D’Souza

Founder of Studio Aurora

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